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April Antics

Recently Fluhrer Reed took to the urban courts in downtown Raleigh to put on a basketball skills competition the likes the City of Oaks has not witnessed in a long time…nor should it again anytime soon!  Nothing quite compares to watching some guys that haven’t run up and down a basketball court in awhile try to pretend it isn’t getting to them…there were quite a few balls that ended up out of bounds.  Vertical leaps were very challenged and fouls were plentiful.  Fish took the rock to the hoop on numerous occasions and occasionally scored.  Michael’s powerful horizontal arc shot was viewed with awe and fear due to its firm rebound.  Keelor, the tallest, who was camped in the low post was found to be constantly muttering “I haven’t played like this in years!”.  Well, you probably haven’t played at all in years.  Ashley documented the good times with pictures and video and spent a good deal of the time chuckling at the “game” being played.  All in all, a rousing good time.

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