Fluhrer ReedFluhrer Reed, Structural Engineers, Raleigh, NC


ASCE E-week volunteering!

Mitch Fluhrer, PE, recently volunteered through ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) to help students at Brentwood Magnet Elementary School here in Raleigh as part of Engineers Week.  The first grade class was studying structural engineering and was assigned the project of designing a structure that could withstand wind loads.  Mitch was greeted by all the students wearing nametags that said “Hi, I’m (name) and I’m a Structural Engineer”, which was great!  The wind loads in question were from an electric fan and the structure was to be built out of cardboard, tape, rubber bands and popsicle sticks.  Each team of students had a project book where they had to sketch their proposed structure and then make a list of materials for the structure.  Mitch went from team to team to assist with the implementation of taking their sketches to a structure.   He also participated in a question and answer session from the group where the students asked questions such as “How much money does a structural engineer make?”, and “What is the biggest building you have designed?”.

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