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Located in Louisburg, NC, the Advanced Metal Processing facility processes quality, non-ferrous metal scrap in preparation for secondary recycling.  These metals include sheets, extrusions, turnings, cables, foils and other heavy coated metals.  To begin the recycling process, the facility utilizes equipment called the Rodecs system.  This centrifugal-type machinery effectively de-coats and de-lacquers the metals that are to be recycled.  At the time the facility was constructed, it contained the only Rodecs system in the United States.  Engineers at Fluhrer Reed worked closely with the Rodecs engineers, based in Europe, to design the Louisburg facility.  Specialized foundations and slabs were designed to accommodate the needs of such a dynamic piece of machinery.  The specifications for the machinery also had to be adapted by the engineers at Fluhrer Reed for use in the United States.

  • Address: Louisburg, North Carolina
  • Area: 14,960 sq. ft.
  • Number of Floors: 1
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