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Biogen Building 26 consists of a five story office building with a partially buried level and a connecting two story amenities building.  The steel framed Amenities Building features 70 foot long, architecturally exposed tubular trusses spanning over a high bay, main dining area, with an exposed long span metal roof deck.  The structure is partially buried, and is surrounded by a fourteen foot deep soil nail wall, which provided a savings cost over a conventional cast-in-place concrete retaining wall.  Lateral forces are resisted by a combination of steel braced  frames and moment resisting frames.  The adjoining Office Building consists of steel framed flooring, designed to meet AISC vibration criteria for open office structures in order to minimize uncomfortable floor vibrations typically encountered in wide open office space.   The high load penthouse at the roof level is designed to accommodate laboratory mechanical equipment.

  • Address: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
  • Area: 300,000 sq. ft.
  • Number of Floors: 5 story office and 2 story amenity building
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