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Portfolio — Edenton Street United Methodist Church Organ Replacement

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Fluhrer Reed assisted Edenton Street United Methodist Church in replacing a 50-year-old organ with a new instrument featuring 5,447 pipes.  Prior to the organ replacement, an extensive feasibility study was performed to determine if the existing structure could support the new organ. The proposed location for the new organ required that it be cantilevered approximately 5.5 feet from the existing organ chamber, directly above the chancel area.  A cantilevered steel frame was designed to provide extra support. The original design required the existing limestone arches to be removed in order to accommodate the new installation. Fluhrer Reed was able to engineer a solution that left the existing structure intact; doing so minimized dust inside the sanctuary, which could compromise the organ’s performance.

  • Address: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Area: N/a
  • Number of Floors: N/a
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