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The Hotel Indigo, a boutique hotel, will be built in the northern downtown area of Wilmington and serve as a key anchor for a 35-acre development project that will boast a 204-slip marina. The main floors will consist of post-tensioned concrete and concrete columns while the roof level of the hotel will be framed with structural steel.   The roof level will offer a unique open air pool and lounge area.  Lateral resistance will be achieved with reinforced cast in place concrete shearwalls. The foundation will be deep type consisting of auger cast concrete piles.  There will also be a single story retail building adjacent to the hotel as part of this project.  The retail building will be approximately 13,000 square feet and will be two bays high and designed for a possible future addition of a mid level floor.

  • Address: Wilmington, NC
  • Number of Floors: 9
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