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Moss Landing Condominiums are part of a new infill community on the Pamlico River in Beaufort County, NC. Due to poor soil conditions on the site, engineers designed timber piles to support the building the extend a minimum of 32 feet below grade and are attached to concrete pilecaps. The pile-caps connect together via concrete grade beams creating a “structural slab on grade”. The engineers at Fluhrer Reed worked directly with the geotechnical engineers to design this complex foundation system to ensure that the buildings were stable and settlement issues would not arise. Fluhrer Reed also designed a two-way, flat plate, mild reinforced concrete slab for the first framed floor of the project. This concrete level was used to support three additional floors of timber floor truss and timber roof truss construction.

  • Address: Washington, North Carolina
  • Area: 190,000 sq. ft. (6 buildings)
  • Number of Floors: 6
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