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This project is the first of three office buildings planned at the Pines at Research Park in Wilmington.  The building framework consists of composite steel beams supported by wide flange columns. The filler beams support an unusually long span, which required detailed analysis to meet serviceability criteria and minimize vibration of the floor system.  Since glass storefronts extend across most of the length of the building, hung steel lintels are used extensively to support long spans of brick. The lateral system consists of steel braced frames, both concentric and eccentric, with the eccentrically braced frames requiring a meticulous analysis.  The foundation for this building features timber driven piles, pile caps and grade beams. A carefully written program of Special Inspections helped to ensure the foundations were installed within the design parameters shown in the construction documents.

  • Address: Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Area: 30,000 sq. ft.
  • Number of Floors: 2
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