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Portfolio — Scott Hall Dormitory

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Fluhrer Reed served as a consulting structural engineer for the Scott Hall Dormitory Renovation on the campus of East Carolina University. Our team of engineers analyzed the existing reinforced concrete floor slabs for additional loads from the relocation of CMU partition walls. We also provided the analysis and design of a new elevator, elevator pit, shaft walls and rooftop mechanical penthouse that was placed in an existing stairwell. Due to the renovation and reorganization of the interior spaces, new slab penetrations for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection were added to the existing floor slabs. Through extensive site investigations, our engineers reviewed the locations of the new slab penetrations and the reinforcing affected by the new holes and analyzed the existing floor slabs for adequacy.

  • Address: Greenville, North Carolina
  • Area: N/A
  • Number of Floors: 4
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