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What’s The Point?

The Point Rendering

One of the projects listed in the ‘On the Boards’ section in the Portfolio area of this website is ‘The Point’.  So…what’s The Point?

The Point is the brand-spankin’ new home of NC State University’s Chancellor.  Fluhrer Reed’s very own Principal, Mitch Fluhrer, was lucky enough to serve as the Structural Engineer for the new residence. 

This grand home is being called a “residence for the university” and there is even a blog entitled “This Red House” that follows the progress of the construction and gives insight in the process of the design of the project.

From “This Red House”:
”Designed by College of Design Dean Marvin Malecha, “The Point” is a “structure that represents NC State as well as the state of North Carolina,” he said. “We wanted it to not only be beautiful and adaptable to the ways it will be used, but also be built using sustainable practices. Our new chancellor residence should reflect our land-grant ideals. It will be approachable, yet will have the proper level of dignity,” Malecha said.” 

To learn more about our work on The Point click here and to read more about the house from “This Red House” click here.

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